2thePoint as well as its senior manager Founder & CEO Dr. Eduardo Schindler is proud to announce the reception, in June of 2004, of the Partial Recognition from the Admission Board of the Swiss Stock Exchange to act as experts and knowledgeable representatives on behalf of clients intending to list securities in the SWX.

2thePoint is the answer for all company owners, entrepreneurs and industrialists whose legitimate capital market business:

2thePoint is the first corporate finance firm of its size and type in Switzerland to have received such a Partial Recognition. It represents the valuable acknowledgment by the SWX authorities of our track record, of our professional integrity, and of our ability to serve clients even under the most demanding and stringent conditions of the public capital markets. Listing and offering securities on the SWX is now a reality for the Swiss and European "Mittelstand" at a fraction of the time, at much lower costs, and at truly independent conditions than those often imposed by investment banks.

2thePoint looks forward to continue assisting successful Mittelstand owners in Switzerland, Germany and elsewhere in raising financingincluding arranging for the listing and the public offering of either